Privacy and Cookies

We Value Your Privacy

We strongly recommend that you read this Privacy and Cookies Policy in full before you submit your personal information to us.

Nicoh Bet LLC is committed to the privacy of its users. This policy underlines:

  • how and why we collect your information.
  • how and why we use the information you submit to us, specifically your personal information.
  • how we share the information and data you share with us.
  • how we store and secure your information and data.
  • how you can access the information you have shared with us.
  • how you can control the manner in which we collect your information.

You can find this policy at the footer of each of Nicoh’s category pages. We value transparency, and only use/store/share data as permitted to us under this policy.

By using Nicoh and its services, you consent to the collection, procession, storage, and sharing of relevant personal data, as mandated by this Privacy Policy. Should you not agree to sharing your personal information or any concerns regarding our collection, storage, and usage of data, we recommend you do not avail the services offered by Nicoh Bet LLC.

What Information Do We Collect?

When you use our website and our services, you will have to provide the following information:

  • Personal Information: We need this information to set up your account. We require your name, postal address, phone number, email address, and other necessary details as are relevant and/or required for further/continuous use of our website.
  • Information you enter when partaking in competitions, availing a promotion, or reporting a problem with the website.
  • Correspondence between our customer service representatives, social media managers, and you.
  • Your responses to surveys conducted by us. Please note that it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to be a willing participant in surveys.

We also collect additional information as it pertains to website usage. This includes:

  • Transaction details, payment histories, the amount you bet on games, amounts won and/or lost. In short, we store the details of all transactions carried out using the website.
  • Details pertaining to unique website visitors. These include your IP address, browser, device-specific data, traffic and location data, weblogs, and other relevant communication data.
  • We keep track of the pages you visit on our website, as well as the links you click on, most-viewed content, etc. Refer to the Cookie Policy provided below for more information.
  • Details of your social media profile, such as the name, your profile photo, and other relevant information you provide when you reach out to us on social media channels.
  • We also collect and store data from public sources (social media, for example) and other third party providers such as partners and databases. This is done in order to comply with legal obligations and to ensure that all regulations are being adhered to, given the nature of our business, such as the identity and age of our users, etc.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We only use the information provided to us for very specific purposes, which include:

  • Creating and Verifying Accounts, Plus Administrative Purposes: Your personal information helps us create and verify your accounts. We need to confirm your identity and your age (you need to be at least 18 to use our website). We also use this information to safely and securely administer your account, as well as to send you important notifications such as changes made to our service, for technical assistance, customer service, etc. We also use this information for facilitating transactions, such as helping you deposit and withdraw money, ensuring you are complying with our general terms, etc.
  • Customized Content: We customize content on our website for our users. We use the information provided to us to tailor content, promotions, opportunities, offers, etc. that we feel are best suited to you or those that we think will pique your interest.
  • Advertising: We use a number of media (email, social media, text messages, notifications, etc.) to notify you of any special offers, updates, changes to our products and services, etc. We also notify you of such offers from third parties if we feel that you would be interested in the offer.

You can opt out of all such notifications and offers any time you like. Options for opting out are included in all notifications. You can also opt out of receiving advertising notifications altogether, either from us or from relevant partner third parties. To do so, you can either update your account details or send an email at We will follow up on your query within 48 hours and make changes accordingly.

You will, however, continue to receive service emails and account updates, even after opting out of such notifications.

We reserve the right to use collected information (such as social media information, cookies, etc.) to provide customized advertising on social media channels and elsewhere on the web.

  • For Legalities and Regulations: We are obligated to collect, store, and use certain personal data for legal and regulatory compliance, such as for identity verification and age confirmation. This information is used for crime prevention or detection, in sports integrity investigations, to promote gaming in a responsible manner, etc. We may have to disclose personal information if required by a court of law, regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, and/or governmental departments for purposes such as national security or the protection of legitimate business interests.
  • Research and Analysis: We continuously strive to improve our services by making them faster, more secure, and more customized. For this purpose, we use the information we collect for research and statistical analysis. This helps us troubleshoot problems with our system, improve our products and features, evaluate our services, measure our marketing performance, etc.

We also use this information to identify the latest trends, patterns of activity, consumer behavior, etc. This helps us provide users with highly personalized experiences. Any information entered in survey forms for which you are a voluntary participant will be used for these purposes.

  • Customer Profiles: We profile our customers based on age, location, activity, interests, and transaction details. This helps us personalize our services, provide relevant notifications about certain offers and promotions, mitigate potential business risks, comply with legal obligations, targeted advertisement, etc.
  • Consent: Any information we use for a purpose not aforementioned is used only if the user consents to its use.

Content from Third Parties

Note that the website may display content from third parties, such as links. If you follow these links, you will be using a different website with or without their own privacy policies. We do not monitor and/or review the content on these websites and do not assume responsibility for said content. We recommend you read their privacy policies before submitting personal information to any third party websites.

Your Rights

You reserve the following rights:

  • Access to information
  • Correction of information
  • Suspend consent
  • Delete certain information—please bear in mind that we need specific information for legal and operational purposes
  • Data transfer
  • Right to register a complaint

Cookie Policy

We collect cookies—i.e., textual information downloaded to your browser/device when you visit our website. We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To recognize you
  • Note your preferences
  • Provide speedier searches
  • Prevent fraudulent use of the website

Note that you can, at any time, suspend the use of some or all cookies. You can adjust these settings through your browser. This might, however, prevent you from accessing certain parts of our website.