William Hill Bonuses Review

William Hill Welcome Package

Finding the right sportsbook is not an easy task for bettors, as there are so many betting sites to choose from. The one thing that bettors should be looking for is promos. Joining a bookmaker with the right welcome package can make a difference, and William Hill’s promo is extremely attractive. Their promo is a bonus of 100%, which can equal up to $50. In other words, if you make an initial deposit of $50, William Hill will match that with an additional $50.

How to Claim Your Welcome Bonus

In order to claim a welcome bonus, you have to register a new account with William Hill. In order to qualify for the free casino bonus, you have to make an initial deposit of $50. If your deposit is less than $50, you will not be able to receive the $50 bonus.

You will not get the $50 bonus right away. You have to use the GET50 code in order to activate the bonus, then you must play through the first deposit 1X. After that, you will receive the free bonus of $50 in your William Hill account.

Those who live in Nevada can go to a William Hill kiosk or sportsbook, use their ID to sign up, enter their deposit, make a wager, and get a free bet amounting to 10% of what got deposited.

Setting Up a William Hill Betting Account

Ready to set up a betting account with one of the most popular international casinos? Great! It is super easy. Just pull out your smartphone. iPhone users will have to go into the App Store and download the app from there. However, Android users can just directly download it from Android itself.

Once the app has been downloaded, open it up and create an account. You will, of course, have to give the app your personal information on the registration form. You’ll have to do this in order to verify your identity. The app will ask you to scan each side of your driver’s license, state ID, or other form of personal identification.

You don’t have to use a phone to sign up though. If you are joining from a desktop or laptop computer, just go to the William Hill website. From there, you can complete the form. Before you get to the website, it will check your IP and direct you to the website based on where you are from. Just bear in mind that sport betting is not available in certain states.

When you sign up, make sure that you have the last four digits of your social security number and your government-issued ID with you when you sign up.

If you live in Nevada, you can sign up via the app or website (as discussed above) or simply go to any kiosk or sportsbook in the state that is affiliated with William Hill.

Remember, you must verify that you are 21 years of age or older and live in your particular state.

Banking Solutions

That brings us to how you are going to pay. With William Hill, there are not a ton of withdrawal and deposit options available. Other bookmakers offer more payment options. However, William Hill does have the main options, as listed below.

Withdrawal/Deposit Options

Withdrawal and deposit options for those in New Jersey include:

  • Credit/debit cards (VISA/Mastercard only)
  • ACH (e-check)
  • A William Hill prepaid card
  • Withdrawal in cash at a WH sportsbook (in either the Ocean Resort Casino or Monmouth Park)

Bear in mind that the latter two options are withdrawal only.

If you are in Nevada, you get the benefit of William Hill having over 100 casino sites that host withdrawal and deposit sports betting kiosks. There are also somewhere around 200 7-Eleven stores in the state that have kiosks.

In Nevada, the best way to deposit funds is through cash. Sure, you can go to any of the kiosks available in the state, but, if you cannot make it to one, William Hill is happy to send one of their couriers to your home if you wish to deposit $500 or more.

Want to withdraw your winnings? Just go to any William Hill sportsbook or kiosk. Just make sure you bring your government-issued ID and the account number from the mobile app.

Mobile Compatibility

What’s the verdict on using the app, you might wonder? Well, it has a quick download time, is functional while you use it, and has a user-friendly interface, thereby eliminating confusion for those who aren’t too tech-savvy. It is probably one of the easiest sportsbook apps to use.

Why should you choose William Hill?

If you’re living in Nevada, you don’t have to worry about using the app to make your deposits. William Hill kiosks and sportbooks are basically everywhere in The Silver State. You will most likely only have to drive a few miles to get to one.

For those living in New Jersey, you will likely want to stick with the app, but since it is so easy to use, making your deposit and withdrawing your winnings will be a breeze.

There is also a rewards club that members can join. When you sign up, you will start earning points that can be used to bet at your preferred sportsbook. If you place a straight bet, you get one point. You get two points for a teaser or parlay, and if you get a parlay card, you will earn five points.

William Hill Bonuses Rating

The initial deposit bonus of $50 is certainly an attractive offer. There are better ones out there, but there are also worse.

And, with William Hill, you get a long history of excellence in the industry. They are a big name in the United Kingdom, but they have dug their heels into American soil and become one of the most well-known international betting sites.

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