Betfair is a betting site which features major sports like Tennis, Cricket, and Football

Betfair is a sports betting website that lets you bet on some of the most popular sports in the world. These include Tennis, Cricket, Darts, Football, and even MMA.

It even includes less popular sports including horse racing, handball, chess, cycling and greyhound racing. It also allows for online casino, poker, and bingo. E-sports events are even included on the site. There are 6 E-sports events included on the site which include some of the biggest gaming tournaments. The betting site is based in London. Betfair is the largest online betting exchange in the world. 

Betfair recently when through a merger with an Irish based betting partner called Paddy Power. The entire company was then called Paddy Power Betfair for a short time before the name change to Flutter Entertainment. However, Betfair still remains as the name for the subsidiary under the parent company.

Betfair has been in business for 20 years now since it was founded in 2000. It was the first betting company which ever sponsored an English football team during the 2002-03 seasons. They sponsored Fulham even before the Gambling Act of 2005 which allowed their industry to advertise.

Betfair launched its own radio service in 2007 and started to broadcast horse racing in 2007. In 2009, they purchased TVG network in the US for $50 million. Hence, Betfair has grown extremely influential and now commands a lot of power. It is currently valued at over GBP 7 billion.

Now that they’ve come to the US however, they plan to get even bigger.


Betfair are currently offering a $10 free bonus in cash when you sign up for the service. You need to fulfill two requirements for it. You need to be a physical, legal resident of New Jersey, and you need to be 21 years old. This is the legal age for gambling and there’s no getting around it.

Special Bets

This is a very enticing area of the Betfair site. You can bet on events that are not in the sporting category here. You can bet on the Eurovision song contest which is a huge contest in Europe. You can even bet on reality TV shows on who the winner is going to be. There are even bets on global events like the Oscars for each category.

To make things even more interesting, bets are even taken on who is going to become the next James Bond. Betfair is very culturally aware of the value of events happening around the world, hence it capitalizes on them. In turn, it lets you capitalize on your knowledge of those events.

Deposit and Withdrawal 

Once you’ve logged on to your account, you can deposit funds through a variety of ways. You can deposit using VISA, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and withdraw through the same channels. While these channels are a bit more restrictive than other betting services, they get the job done. Still if you were a betting man, you’d want there to be as many financial channels open as possible.

Room for improvement in this regard shouldn’t just be to add more channels. It should also entail experimenting with other forms of currency like tokens and crypto-currencies. If Bitcoin and Ethereum and even Ripple are introduced to the system, it would open up Betfair to more players.

Customer Support

Customer Support for the Betfair site is excellent. There is a very helpful FAQ section that you can refer to for most queries. Otherwise, there are three ways to reach customer service reps; there’s live chat, email or phone. Live chat is limited; however email support can be called on 24/7.

Mobile App

The Betfair Mobile App is available on both iOS and Android and has a very intuitive interface. Not only does it allow you to place fast bets with two taps, but it also allows live streaming of the events. Huge daily offers are included every day include double odds betting and price specials.

In play betting is also included with a lot of sports. There is even a dedicated in-play area in the app that allows you to keep your eye on the action.

You will need to download the app off the specific link that Betfair gives you. Since the play store doesn’t allow apps that involve gambling, downloading it from the play store isn’t possible. You can download it off the App store for iOS devices however.

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